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    Goal setting is one of my favourite parts of the coaching process, especially if my client creates, what I like to call, ‘a big hairy audacious goal’.

    Without definite goals it is easy to drift through life, just like floating down a river, going wherever the current takes us.

    Whilst there is nothing wrong with drifting, it is unlikely that we will end up where we want to be without some navigation of our own.

    Another key element to goal setting and success is to know your starting point. It’s rather like taking a long car journey, in order to know which roads to take, you need to know, not only your destination, but also your point of departure.

    Satellite navigation systems are an absolute godsend for anyone, like me, who is challenged when it comes to a sense of direction. No matter that I have been to visit our friends in Devon 20 times, I still wouldn’t be able to find it easily on my own.

    I just type in the postcode and then follow the directions.

    I have complete faith that I will arrive at my destination, providing I do what the nice man says.

    When I get to Stonehenge on the A303, I cannot see Devon but it would be foolish to think that because I can’t see it, I won’t eventually get there, and in my despair turn back to Chichester.

    It sounds ridiculous to even consider that a possibility, however many people who are embarking on a ‘big hairy audacious goal’ do just that.

    Weeks or months into their transformational journey, they assess their situation and cannot see their destination. Maybe they haven’t found their dream job, soul mate, or perfect life balance.

    But because they don’t have evidence, they turn around and go back to what they know, their ‘old’ life and give up on their dreams.

    In any life journey there comes a time when faith must carry you forward, your initial enthusiasm may have waned and you can’t see results, but that is exactly the time to buckle down and keep going.

    The results will appear as surely as the county sign for Devon does for me.

    Emily xx

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