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    As mums, we are literally programmed to give. As the main provider to our new baby we cannot do enough for our little one’s. They need love and shelter, food, cleaning, love, nurturing, comforting and yet more love and it is our joy to give it.

    But sometimes we can forget is to fill our own cup.

    The constant lack of sleep, the physical demands on our body and the challenges of continually thinking of the needs of another human being can take their toll.

    We all need to learn to receive, but this doesn’t always come naturally and unfortunately asking for help or accepting it can be seen as a sign of weakness or lack of capability.

    We forget how different things are today, not only are more mums returning to work but in years gone by we would have had our own mum, aunts and grannies all living just around the corner, helping out in one way or another.

    These days not everyone has family close to hand and so we need to look to others for our support network. Groups such as the NCT or baby classes, communities and even online forums can offer support in one guise or other. And we must learn to accept offers of help and ask for what we need because in receiving help, we are giving a gift.

    We all know how lovely it is to help out a friend in need; it gives us a fuzzy feeling in our tummy knowing that we have made a difference.

    When you turn down help you are denying people the opportunity to have their warm and fuzzy tummy.

    So remember to say ‘Yes’ to help and share the love.

    Emily xx

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