Work/Life Balance is not a nicety, it is essential.

For women to excel in their careers and flourish in their family lives, there must be balance.

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The Working Mums 5-Step Solution To Having It All

If you feel as a working mum that you are always spinning plates and juggling the various elements in your life, or feel that you never seem to have enough quality time with your kids or any time to yourself, then this book is for you.

In just five steps you can get more time, become better organised and finally ditch the guilt that plagues all mums.

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You will learn how to really enjoy quality time with your family and even get some well deserved "me time'

Combining tips, exercises and personal anecdotes, Emily shows you the path that will literally transform you from stressed to serene.

Truly Amazing

Emily has created this unique affirmation CD specifically for working mums. Listening to affirmations on a regular basis has been proved to have a positive impact not only on your outlook but also your life experiences.

Emily has combined all the elements that mums most desire in their lives, such as more time, feeling relaxed, enjoying family time and feeling energized with affirming messages of self-worth and confidence.

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In addition to the affirmation track is an interview Emily gave to Jo Westwood (The Spirit DJ) on “7 Biggest Mistakes Mums Inadvertently Make and How to Avoid Them”

Emily shares her own experiences and examples of pitfalls we can all be prone to as mothers. She also gives insights on how to avoid these mistakes as well as a host of practical tips to make being a mum easier and more fun.

The Feel Good Mum Factor – Online course

Comprising of 5 modules The Feel Good Mum Factor follows the 5 elements from Emily’s book but take them to a deeper level.

Helping you to discover blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from having the work/life balance you desire. Each module includes a 45 minute audio, a workbook of exercises, concepts and inspiration. This course also includes a 45 minute ‘Kick Start’ session with Emily to get you in the right frame of mind for massive action and fantastic results.

Workshops/ Talks

Emily’s talks and workshops are designed specifically to support women in the workplace to make their lives more fulfilling, more productive and more balanced. With their well being as her core priority, Emily shares practical tips and strategies, as well as delivering mindset pieces, to enable the delegates to adopt more empowering and positive actions and outlooks.

The beauty of focusing on ‘well being’ is that each area overlaps and has an impact on another. For example helping an employee to find more time and get better organized can facilitate additional time for exercise, thus improving their health or more quality time at home, thus removing any feelings of guilt. Each improvement has a knock on positive effect in another area, producing exponential benefits to the individual and the company.

All of the following topics can be delivered to audiences as either a one hour presentation (ideal for lunchtime talks) or a 2 hour workshop for a more interactive experience for the delegates.

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Handling Stress and Overwhelm

Overview: Being a working mother can be challenging at the best of times. Many women have reached high level, demanding positions in the workplace, by the time they become pregnant for the first time. This means they have to adapt to the increase in responsibilities and adjust emotionally to being a parent, all whilst continuing to produce excellent results at work. This can result in considerable stress and overwhelm which impacts both the individual and the company.


  • Recognising the tell tale signs of stress and overwhelm.
  • Understanding the negative impact on your well-being, the strain on your health both physically and mentally.
  • Discovering how to prioritise and handle workload and commitments when you’re being pulled in different directions and everything seems equally important.
  • Developing a personal strategy for coping with stressful situations and reducing the impact on your health and productivity.
  • Learning specific tools to help to relax and reset your body so you feel centred and present.
  • Planning your life to maintain balance between work and family commitments.

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Achieving Work/Life Balance

Overview: Having work/life balance is like the Holy Grail for working mothers. Too much emphasis one way or the other can result in stress, overwhelm, guilt, feeling run down and mentally and physically fatigued. When the two areas of life are in equilibrium and blossoming then both areas benefit from the increase in energy, vitality and inspiration.


  • Understanding the various elements and commitments in our life and the importance of nurturing each area.
  • Recognising the need for balance and the consequences of imbalance.
  • Discovering how to facilitate better time management, and focus, getting more done in less time.
  • Uncovering your strengths and weaknesses and how to use this to your benefit.
  • Learning how to implement, value and enjoy quality over quantity.
  • Leaving the event with a tailor made plan to give you that elusive work/life balance.

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Having More Time, Getting More Done

Overview: Life today can seem to be a whirlwind. We have all the devices and technology to allow us to do everything instantly, but we still feel time poor. How is that possible? The unfortunate knock on effect of our high speed lives is that we can actually be so focused on the future that we miss out on the here and now. This inability to be ‘present’ can not only reduce our enjoyment of life but can also make us less productive, less inspired and less committed.


  • Understanding the benefits of being ‘present’ on your health and well-being.
  • Recognising external and preconditioned influences that can overload us with unnecessary demands on our time and learning how to chose what’s right for you.
  • Learning about the 6 mental faculties we possess and how to use them to get maximum return on your input.
  • How to eliminate procrastination and the ‘paralysis of analysis’
  • Discovering your own personal strategy for being productive and enjoying life to the full.

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Ditching Guilt as a Working Parent

Overview: Guilt is often considered part and parcel of being a parent and for working mums it can be a constant burden. However feeling guilty has far more impact than just feeling bad. It can alter your parenting, create overwhelm and distraction and prevent you from enjoying the magical experience of being a parent as well as enjoying being part of a team or company.


  • Grasping the true cost of feeling guilty and the legacy of guilt.
  • Discovering your triggers for guilt both internal and external.
  • Understanding that it is your individual set of rules that causes guilt and learning how to rewrite these rules.
  • Learning techniques and lifelong habits that will enable you to see the positive in any situation.
  • You will learn how to ‘ditch the guilt’ for good.

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Embracing Authenticity and Releasing Your Creativity

Overview: Being authentic is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but the power of authenticity should not be underestimated. Being authentic not only brings ease and simplicity to your life, but it also enhances your creativity. People can feel integrity on a subconscious level and this promotes trust and respect.

Being ‘yourself’ also allows your creativity to flow more freely, which can bring new ideas and inspiration to the table.

However it can be challenging to step outside the mould and open up to be seen so honestly.


  • Discussing the meaning of authenticity and its place in business.
  • Looking at the pros and cons of being authentic.
  • Discovering your true identity, appreciating your values and unique perspectives.
  • Overcoming the fear of being vulnerable.
  • Learning to feel confident and empowered by your uniqueness.
  • Releasing your creativity and untapped potential with integrity.

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