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    As the colder weather is now upon us, many of us will be putting the heating on and cranking up the thermostat in our homes.

    Believe it or not we also all have a ‘Happiness Thermostat’ inside us and just as the thermostat in our house turns the heating off when we’ve reached the required temperature, so our happiness thermostat switches off when we’ve had an extended run of happiness.

    You may have heard people say ‘It’s all going so well, it can’t possibly last’ (and true enough it doesn’t) or perhaps you’ve experienced a day when everything is going your way and then you come home and the children play up, or you have an argument with your partner. That is your ‘happiness thermostat’ kicking in and taking you back down to your usual level.

    And yet there are people for whom everything just falls into place and they seem to have the golden touch. Their thermostat is set to a higher level and as a result they can take a lot more happiness before they switch off.

    So you’re probably wondering ‘How can I turn my thermostat up?’

    Well, the key is to get used to experiencing more joy, more often, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to re-live happy moments.

    For example, if you go out with a group of friends one evening and you are all laughing and having fun, after the event keep remembering that moment, replay it in your mind, chat to your friends about the night and experience it many times over. That way you are tricking your subconscious mind into accepting that you feel happy much more often.

    This then becomes your new level of happiness.

    Before long you will be enjoying happiness on a whole new level and people will be saying ‘You’re so lucky, everything always goes right for you’ Enjoy!

    Emily xx

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