I am not Supermum or even Wonder Woman, but I have learned practical tools that allow me to prioritise and systemise

About Me

Emily is a professional, qualified, award-winning coach, speaker and author, on a mission to help busy mums achieve work-life balance, experience guilt-free parenting and enjoy a happy business and working life.

Author of The Working Mum’s Five Step Solution To Having It All, following a successful 23 year high-pressure career as an Air Traffic controller whilst raising her two boys, Jakey and Fin, Emily is an expert on supporting working and business Mums.

Emily is the UK’s leading voice on guilt-free parenting, often appears on the radio, and has launched a national UK Guilt-Free Parenting campaign to help busy parents and organisations kick guilt, and it’s negative impact on family life and the economy, to the kerb for good.

My Story

In 1992 I joined NATS and became an Air Traffic Controller. Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs, like most controllers I enjoyed the challenge and found the dynamics of the job both stimulating and rewarding.

In 2004 when I had my first little boy, my life changed dramatically. Far from being the ‘Mary Poppins’ style mother I had envisioned, I was sleep-deprived and exhausted. I was stressed, overwhelmed and worst of all I was weighed down by guilt for going back to work.

I soon realised that the situation was untenable, not only was I not enjoying going to work as much, but my experience of motherhood was a far cry from my dreams. I started to investigate ways to make my life easier and happier and started down the path of self-development, which eventually led to me training to be a life coach. The insights I gained through this work and the transformation I experienced was phenomenal, so much so that I was able to be the mum I dreamed I would be, continue to enjoy my role as an Air Traffic Controller and still find time to pursue some of my personal goals.

The strategies I learned enabled me in 2012 (whilst still working part-time as a controller and bringing up 2 young boys) to write my book ‘The Working Mums Guide to Having It All’ and also train for and run a marathon as well as starting my own coaching business Happy Working Mum.

I am not Supermum or even Wonder Woman, but I have learned practical tools that allow me to prioritise and systemise and those techniques combined with mindset pieces, mean that I no longer feel stress or overwhelm, in fact I haven’t felt the dreaded ‘mummy guilt’ for over 6 years.

It was during this period of transformation and development that I realised my passion lay with coaching and sharing this valuable information with other women, also facing the challenges of a demanding career and a family life, to give them the support needed to achieve this elusive work-life balance.

In September 2015 I gave my final transmission to the Jersey flight BEE3WN from Glasgow and took the leap from Air Traffic Controller into transformational coach and speaker.

As a coach, I help women (mainly mothers) in forward thinking organizations to offer and provide the support necessary to stop women from being in that place of overwhelm and stress, where they can feel tired, irritable and worn down and teach them the tools and techniques that they can use immediately to start making changes for the better.

The effects of the mindset shift and actions I teach, lead to women feeling more confident and more balanced. Because they feel more content they tend to sleep better, take more care of themselves and this leads to better diet and health. So in turn there is less absenteeism.

Having happy staff in the workplace is wonderful for morale but also excellent for productivity and performance. Creativity can flow freely and they can start to realize their full potential.

Having been through it all myself and come out the other side, I have the expertise and feel perfectly equipped to help other women to navigate their way out of surviving into thriving.